Pinpoint Object Store

Pinpoint - our flagship object store solution, frees you from thinking about cloud storage. You register your servers with us, and we pool them into an ultra-resilient elastic object store. Your applications don’t change. You can use the same tools you are familiar with. Its like your servers got magical powers, INSTANTLY. Contact us to get started now


Product Design and Software Solutions to Delight your Customers. Our fixed price consulting model gives you peace of mind, as we are incentivized to complete the job on time. We provide complete transparency into the progress of your project via daily meetings, and thorough dashboards. We stay engaged well past our deliverable, to help you fine-tune your solution

Mobile Apps & Websites

Back on popular demand, we can create stunning user-experiences for your customers. You can create full featured web & mobile applications that integrate, content, sales, search, chat, voice, chatbots and much more